Embrace Fear

That’s what Dean Potter said.  He’s one of the best climbers in the world.  He is also an incredible base jumper.  He’s an amazing athlete.

What he has done is he has taken his climbing to a whole new level – doing things that no one else is doing.  He free climbs some amazing walls and faces that others have never tried.  He free climbs with a base jumping chute.  It allows him to free climb things that no one else has ever tried.  If he falls, he turns around – flies and turns it into a base jump.  He’s not weighed down with equipment.  He just climbs with the chute.  If he slips – he flies.

He says that he makes what is impossible – possible.  But what about the embrace fear part?  He says that he doesn’t combat fear.  Rather, he embraces fear and feels the fear – and in doing so, it puts him into a different state of mind.  He uses that the fear to pursue impossible things.

Most would think that he is crazy, but he’s not.  He has just embraced fear and uses it to do impossible things.

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