What “I Am” Means

The word “am” according to Merriam-Webster.com:

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English eom; akin to Old Norse em am, Latin sum, Greek eimi

present 1st singular of be

“I Am” statements are identity projections.  Okay, maybe not all “I Am” statements, but many of them are.  Whether you make a statement about how you’re feeling or what you want to become, the statements say something about you.  It might just represent the moment.  Even an “I Am” statement that is a lie sheds some truth about you.

You can easily make “I Am” statements – whatever you want, but you will become whatever “I Am” statement you say.  Positive ones are a little better and much more….positive.  It’s easy and natural for us to make negative “I Am” statements.  Whether you you make positive or negative ones – you will become what you “Am.”

Check out my “I Am” statements on Twitter @Lemness

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