LL31: Leadership Consultants

Here’s my latest leadership lesson – the one that I’m learning; not necessarily the one that I’m teaching.

There are 2 kinds of leadership consultants.  They are similar in so many ways.  They all consult in leadership.  They get paid to consult.  They typically have books and a shiny website or blog to complement their leadership consulting.  In almost every way they look the same except for one thing that makes them 2 distinct groups of leadership consultants.

The first kind is the leadership consultant that calls himself the leadership consultant.  Everything about him screams him.  His websites have him telling you how much he knows about leadership.  All of the videos on this website, facebook, or twitter profiles are of him telling you who he’s consulting with and what he’s done with them.  And I don’t think that they’re not consulting in leadership – because they are.   They even tell you that they are.

The other kind of leadership consultant is the one that leads.  They doesn’t have to tell you that they are a leadership consultant because they lead.  They don’t have to tell you that they are leadership consultants because everyone else is telling you that they are.  They don’t have to tell you-because it’s clear that they are.

Have you come across the same thing?  Do you have tell people that you lead or do you just do it?

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