Now You Can Judge a Book By It’s Cover

I checked the etymology of that word and according to – it was first used in 1946.  Check out the article here.  My guess is that the books of the 1940’s look differently than they do today.  Today, there is a ton of time spent on the cover of books.  I’m sure the books of the 1940’s didn’t have jackets and covers and probably not as much color as we have today.

Today, we judge everything we see by it’s cover and sometimes by it’s lack of covering.  The sayings says that we should NEVER judge a book by it’s cover.  Well, how about we change it to you – you can judge a book by it’s cover, but the way you judge it says something about you – not the book.

3 thoughts on “Now You Can Judge a Book By It’s Cover

  1. Hmmm…as a reader, I have been known to buy a book simply because the cover is so beautiful I can’t put it down. On the other hand, I’ve never rejected a book that sounded good (in the blurb and first couple of pages) just because it had an ugly cover.

    As a writer, I know I put an awful lot of energy into ensuring that the cover of my books represent the story contained between them. Let’s not forget, that the blurb is also on the back cover and this is typically how people determine a book’s initial appeal.

    Don’t know what this about either me or the books I choose…hopefully something polite.

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving comment. Thank you for the insight. It was definitely polite.
      What books have you written? You got a website or a blog? Let me know.
      Great insight – I might have to write another blog post about the blurb. I’ll definitely give you credit. Thanks again.

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