Social Media Among Teens and Young Adults

I am reading through the Pew Internet & American Life Project report on social media and how teens and young adults use it.  You can check out the report here, but there are some interesting findings from this report.

Both teen and adult use of social networking sites has risen significantly, yet there are shifts and some drops in the proportion of teens using several social networking site features.

73% of wired American teens now use social networking websites, a significant increase from previous surveys. Just over half of online teens (55%) used social networking sites in November 2006 and 65% did so in February 2008.

Young adults act much like teens in their tendency to use these sites. Fully 72% of online 18‐29 year olds use social networking websites, nearly identical to the rate among teens, and significantly higher than the 39% of internet users ages 30 and up who use these sites.

93% of teens ages 12‐17 go online, as do 93% of young adults ages 18‐29. One quarter (74%) of all adults ages 18 and older go online.

Clearly – they are online.  What do you think we can learn from this?

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