The Soul of a Book

Is a book still a book if it’s on a Kindle. I mean, we talk about buying books for your Kindle, but do you need the physical properties of a the book; the cover, the words, the pages, the margins, the intro and table of contents, the glossary. Is a book a book any more without the physical properties? The ideas and story can be found in the physical version and the digital version. I guess you can say that the digital version has some physicality to it, but then all of those books then share the same “body” if you will.

The essence or soul of the book – is found in the words, on the page (digital or paper), and the meaning as intended by the author or text or reader – is consistent no matter what form.

I’m not trying to think to deeply about a book – but a book is a book because of it’s soul. No matter what form you find it in – even if its found in oral form – the essence and meaning will still be there. So a book is a book.

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