…is definitely a part of my identity. If you are what you eat, I have to be at least a quarter sushi. What does what you eat say about who you are? Are you really what you eat? What does it say about someone that eats junk food – that they’re junk people? It could mean that they’re in super good shape so that they can eat junk food – which means that they are not even close to being junk people.

But back to sushi. Sushi is such a polarizing thing. Why is that? You either love it or hate it. It’s such a mind game. I have a tip though. Next time you eat sushi – custom order something. You know what you like. You don’t have to order the sushi chef’s platonic roll – as if he’s an expert in your taste buds. You’re the expert. Order what you like. He will probably make it for you. He might give you a weird look, but have you ever seen your face when you eat sushi?

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