Sound Like an Academic

I read this in an article at the Chronicle for Higher Education website.  Here is the article if you want read it.

I just have to post one paragraph from the article.  I couldn’t believe it when I read it.  If you want to sound like an academic – just follow these rules taken from the article.  If you’re an academic and need the bibliography – check out the link.

“I’ve heard that song from graduate students in every discipline, and from faculty members, junior and senior, at universities across the country. The message: You have to write the same way as others in your field. You must use multisyllabic words, complex phrasing, and sentences that go on for days, because that’s how you show you’re smart. If you’re too clear, if your sentences are too simple, your peers won’t take you seriously.”

Read the context if you’re interested in reading it in context.

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