Write With Your Heart

I have talked to some of you about creating content and starting a blog.  The conversation typically starts in same way.  By asking questions: Who’s going to read this?  Why would anyone read my stuff?  Who’s going to care about this?  These are all normal questions for someone starting a blog or developing their ideas.

My initial answer is – who cares?  If you care about it – write it.  Don’t write wondering if anyone is going to look at it?  Don’t write for money or dreams of becoming the next celeb blogger?  Write with your heart.  Write about what you’re passionate about.  Write about anything you want.  Develop your voice.

If you’re not writing anything at all – the answers to all of those questions is – No One.  If you aren’t writing – then you’re not making any money and no one is reading your stuff – so Write.

2 thoughts on “Write With Your Heart

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