Your Own News Show

One of the things that I love to rant about is news.  I mean seriously – if the news shows gets their information from Twitter and ustream, why couldn’t I just get that same information and make my own news show.

Well, I could do it, but then no one would watch it.  But still, if I were to make a news show, it would be a good one – of course.  I’d search the internet for late breaking news – so that I could be the 2nd person to report it – because there’s no way that I’d be out there getting the late breaking news for myself.  I work full time.

I guess after that thought, watching cnn or the local news tv program put it all together for me is not so bad.  I mean, that probably won’t stop me from ranting about it, but at least I can recognize it.

Doesn’t that just tell you so much about me?  What would your own news show look like?

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