Blog Stats

Have you checked yours lately?  You can learn so much about….

1. What you write about – there are a few ways to do this, but a quick look at your tags might reveal something about what you write.

2. How people find your blog – I check the Search Engine Terms to see what people searched for to find your blog.

3. To see which posts gets the most love – I would have never guessed it for my blog and it’s a post that I’m not even an expert in.  I guess it says more about what people are wanting to know.  Which leads to…

4. Learning about what people are looking for – the only thing more interesting to me than the fact that people are searching for certain things – is that I wrote a post about it and that someone found it and read it.

There’s way more things that you can learn about your blog stats, and I’ll share/make up more some other time.

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