The Art of What You Do

What is it that you do?  For some people, that’s quite a hard question.  Some don’t even don’t know what they do – much less the artistic or creative aspect of what they do.

I was reading today about the creative energy that encompasses the work that we do.  No matter what your media – no matter what you do, you can do what you do like a machine.  You can do what you do in a linear fashion; you can just treat what you do as a job.

But you can also apply creativity and the artistry in what you do.  (Seth Godin’s Linchpin really covers this idea).  Thinking about what you do in light of the media that you can manipulate and the end product that you produce might help you to understand the artistry and creativity in what you do.

Is what you do art?  What is the media that you work with?  Or is it just what you do?

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