Identity and Yours

Your identity is yours.  But someone else can take it and use it if they get to it first.  I asked a friend this week – who has his @firstlast name as his twitter name – if he was the also the same “firstlast” with a 1 at the end = @firstlast1.  It wasn’t him.  Someone else was stalking him – or at least that’s we joked about.  I am @lemness on Twitter, but I am not @lemusita.  Oh well.

Just because my name shows up on the Bing search that doesn’t mean that it’s mean.  It might not even be something written about me.  Twitter is now verifying identities.  How crazy that you can’t really trust the screen name until it’s verified – or unless you really interact with them and you know that it’s them.

Just because it has your name, Identity could possibly not be yours.

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