Blend Science and Art

It’s so sad to me that we have to Blend Science and Art.  It’s not sad that we have to blend it, but that it was “de-blended” in the first place.  I mean, you can’t really blame anyone for it – although we could point to a few things.  At one point, the science became more important than the art.  Just take a look at the hierarchy that we’ve created in formal education.  As if Science is better – and Art is too artsy – as if it’s a bad thing.

So claim your identity as a scientist or artist.  They’re both cool, but that’s the key I guess – be both.

2 thoughts on “Blend Science and Art

  1. I’m an engineer by trade but have recently be interested in the intersection of art and science as they are both creative endeavours but require a different method with a different means. However that never mean they can not work together.

    Probably one of the fundamental areas where science and art can come together for a common good is the education of …. well anyone. I don’t learn well through pure theory. I have to be able to “play” with whatever the subject is to learn to better know it. I learn through doing. I feel this process is very arty in it’s self, as apposed to science.

    Your right, it is sad that we have to know make so much progress to put the too back together again.

    However the split was probably a good thing in one way in which it allowed each to refine their processes. If science had never distinguished it’s self from art, we might not have the scientific rigor we do today which not only helps create successful products but helps protects us all from unsuccessfully or damaging products or services – the same goes for the practice of engineering.

    Having said that, i think it’s a good thing to start to bring these two disciplines together again. Perhaps not all the way, because they still need to have their own identity and focus. But they can certainly learn something from each other and like wise, the scientists from the artist and artist from the scientist.

    1. Rodney,
      What amazing insight! Thank you for it. I am not an engineer – so that means I am no where as brilliant as you are. I loved your insight and it really sheds light on the idea – for me – and hopefully anyone else that might read your comment.
      I have never considered the idea that the rigor and the protection that the science provides is something that experience every day. I am grateful for roads that work, bridges that don’t fall and planes that get me to my destination.
      I have come to appreciate the industrial revolution much more as of late. We have created the process and refined processes. I’m sad that we have done that as well for the human brain and for the organic process of life – some of the art.
      What great insight Rodney. Do you have a blog that I can read?

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