LL33: A Picture of Your Words

Once again, these are leadership lessons that I’m learning – my leadership lessons.

At every organization, there is a stated mission statement, and then the mission statement that is carried out.  There is the vision that is carefully crafted and branded on all of your print material – then there’s what you really do.

I took our institutional strategic plan and created a Word Cloud of the most frequently used words in the strategic plan.  The image tells a story.  Although you haven’t read it – I wonder what story you are able to read in the picture.  Tell me what you think.

For my other Leadership Lessons….

2 thoughts on “LL33: A Picture of Your Words

  1. From just a brief look, the biggest words tell me that those are the main focus of the college or perhaps are of the most concern to the student. I’ll formulate a more developed opinion later. This is fascinating, Lem.

  2. staci-you should try it for biola’s strategic plan.
    the site that created the word cloud is wordle.net


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