Exploitative Entrepreneurship

I heard @mollywood say this on a podcast.  It caught my attention.  I was also listening to another podcast-and I can’t remember which one-where they were talking about different types of entrepreneurship.  There is entrepreneurship, a good one, that is beneficial and helps not just the entrepreneur but the industry or the discipline.

Then there’s a not so good one – the one that @mollywood was talking about today.  The kind that just exploits – selfishly.  I’m not saying that exploiting is a completely bad thing.  There are times when exploiting works.

Entrepreneurship that is innovative and forward moving – good.  Exploitative Entrepreneurship – bad.  Tell me what you think.

5 thoughts on “Exploitative Entrepreneurship

  1. I wrote about something similar on my Google+ account today: https://plus.google.com/117492971950333666268/posts/MWxxo61gtfL

    Basically, I compared a Marxist’s analysis of the current economic crisis with a radical free-marketer’s criticism of corporatism. They made the same essential point: much of the entrepreneurship in our economy is based on getting the government to intervene to circumvent natural checks on the ability of businesses to extract economic rent (to make a profit without actually doing anything useful; see ).

    (And yes, I love sounding like a raving socialist and a free-market fanatic at the same time. Breaking through the mental frames we’ve inherited from mass culture is a hobby of mine.)

    1. That’s awesome. I’ll check it out. It’s sounds like I’m not going to understand that post, but I’ll check it out.
      Thanks for sharing this.

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