Visual Processing Tool

Are you a visual processor?  I am.  I have all of these mind maps with boxes and lines and arrows all over them.  That’s how I process.  Some people can create a linear outline – one step, then another step.  My processing is all over the place.  I typically create a mind map for ideas that I am processing.

If you’re the same, you have to check out  Create an account – use your .edu for more storage space and added features.  Create mind maps and presentations online using this cool tool.

Check out the one that I quickly made: or click here if you’re to lazy to copy and click.

It’s great for presentations as well.

3 thoughts on “Visual Processing Tool

  1. Prezi looks extremely useful! I’m going to recommend it to the youth workers at my church to use with the teens. It’s great for that age group!

    My blog is the result of my boss’s recommending I make one and a lot on my mind. I don’t have much time during the school year to “put pen to paper”, but I plan on writing everyday this summer. There are many issues, concepts, and ideas I’ve had throughout the year; I hope my blog will help me to develop them and move them beyond the intangible.

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