We Call It a Disorder

…. but it’s so not.  It kinda bothers me that we call it a disorder.

So we think we understand human developmental processes.  The Industrial Revolution has mechanized the human and has declared all of these processes normal.  Then when something is different than that, it’s a disorder.

Then a hundred years later, the technology gets better and the science disproves ideas that were held for hundreds of years.  All of a sudden, the disorder is debunked.

From an identity perspective, I’m not too happy about giving someone a disorder because they don’t fit or they can’t help themselves – what is natural for them is weird for me or you.  How unfortunate that they get stuck with the identity or label of disorder or special.

It’s not their identity.  Disorder for them is natural so it is their order – it might just be different than mine.  So whatever your disorder – whether it’s something that you can hide and no one knows or something that it is just obvious for everyone – don’t take on the lame identity of having a disorder.  Be yourself.

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