FIFA and Identity 2

The first post that I wrote about FIFA and Identity was written when the US was still in contention.  When I wrote it, everyone was talking about FIFA.  You heard it on the news and at work, it was the topic of conversation.

Since the US is no longer in it, it’s not as talked about much anymore.  I mean, the true fans are watching it still.  They’re still talking about the last US game and “if only.”

Since the US is no longer playing, and since we have a strong sense of National Identity – to the US, we’re no longer watching.  Only those with true Soccer Identity are still watching.

Are you watching still?

2 thoughts on “FIFA and Identity 2

  1. I am a soccer(futbol) fan to the end. There are a handful of teams that I root for because they are home to some of my favorite players. Argentina has Messi and Maradona as the head coach. Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo. England has Rooney, Gerrard, and Lampard. Brazil has Kaka. And Netherlands has Robben. While the US was knocked out again. They made it further than 4 years ago.

    I really miss playing soccer as well. After my hip and knees started to go, I had to put a stop to serious play and can now only play casually. I had played for 16 years of my life, and that was always 1 constant in my life. I knew that if I could make it through the practices, I had a game that I was able to exhibit my skills.

    1. nicely said chris. i would love to watch more brasil – that was our team that we followed the last time, but soccer is not my identity. maybe it’s just me but no one around me is talking about it much anymore. thanks for the comment.

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