Tanorexia Identity


a mental disorder wherein the afflicted person belives that one can never be too tanned. this manifests itself in the form of excessive sunning, use of sunbeds and solariums, and, in particularly unfortunate cases, extreme use of fake tan.
victims of tanorexia can be identified from a leathery skin texture and/or a brown or orange complexion.

I was watching a show, and they highlighted a young lady that was tanorexic.  The psychologist that they interviewed said that the reward centers of her brain or had been altered to make her think that she desperately needed to tan everyday.  The endorphins that are released in her brain really do make her happy, but it has altered her brain chemistry – so much so that she’s killing herself.

It’s easy to pick on the tanorexic – because it’s such an obvious and “seen” addiction.  Public addictions are easy to spot, but we all have addictions.  We all have those habits or behaviors that have also affected our brain chemistry.  We need to do it because we’ve have thought it to be true.  So whether you tear someone down to lift yourself up or you work out too much or obsess about your 5 ounces of whatever it is that you eat – we all got our tanorexic tendencies.

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