Your Uniqueness

I came up with the line – be unique, but belong – after reading some Erik Erikson for my research.  There’s a balance that needs to be maintained between being yourself, but not being yourself too much.  Or being a part of the group, but not being so weird that the group doesn’t except you.  We all desire to be unique.  We all desire to belong, but there’s a balance.

One insight that I just read is that you need to find people that will appreciate your uniqueness.  Around them, you can be more yourself than with most.  Around your closest friends – the ones that will love you no matter what, be as unique as you want.  They already know that part of you.  But don’t be so unique around the people that can’t appreciate.  Save it for the special people.

Also, you need to appreciate your uniqueness or you won’t be able to communicate it.  Just saying.

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