Kim Chee Bulgogi Burrito

…..for breakfast no less.  How does your taste buds respond to that?  Fermented cabbage, marinated beef with salsa all rolled up in a tortilla – meant to be the Korean-Mexican breakfast treat.  I was bummed when I saw the sign because I wanted to try it.  I wasn’t hungry, but I kinda wanted to taste it.  I’ve never had a Korean burrito.

We are slowly merging and integrating our cultures.  We will do so in marriage.  We will do so in food, and soon enough, there the cultural identities will slowly dissolve.  We will truly become citizens of the planet.

But if we do lose our cultural identities, what will the new markers of distinction be?  Screen names?  Whether you are a Yankees or a Red Sox’s fan?  All this mixing will bring about newer categories.

If you are ever around, and you want to try this delicacy, I’ll go with you.

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