Character Actors

There are celebrities and movie stars – the ones that play the lead roles in movies.  They are the ones  where you know their real name as well as their role name.  The A listers – right?

Then there are character actors.  These are the actors that have been in hundreds of movies.  They show up and keep playing – kinda the same type of character.  They’re the ones that you know their face and their look in all the movies, but you have no idea what their real names are.  Missi Pyle – Danny Trejo – Stephen Tobolowsky – John McGinley – I guarantee that you’ve seen one of their movies and right after you read this (or during it) you’re gonna check to check them out – here’s the link so you don’t have to type it out.

Without character actors, stars would be nothing.  Leading actors alone on the screen would be a boring movie – unless of course they were amazing.  The stories happen through the character, but the lead actor needs to be propelled or listened to.  The character actor is not a bad role to be in.

Let’s face it, a fight scene without Gangster 2 would not make a gang.

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