Hello – my name is Lem, and it’s been 40 days since I’ve “checked in.”

I’m getting a quite a few emails from Foursquare that I was just ousted from a place where I previously held the mayorship.

It was first a matter of becoming the mayor of as many places as I could.  I believe I held 40 at one point.  I have learned so much about all of this.

– The competition of gaining and retaining mayorships – I like.

– I hated getting ousted.

– I go to a lot of places

– Foursquare started governing where I got coffee.

– Hated getting ousted.

– I really didn’t like people knowing where I was – all the time.

– My wife is not a fan of Foursquare

Consequently, since I’ve stopped checking in, I don’t have to deal with any of those things.  You see, once I thought about it – checking in gave me a negative vibe so I just stopped.

It was fun though.

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