50 Bucks

I have a cousin in the Philippines that I have never met.  Actually, I have a bunch of them that I’ve never met, but this particular one I just met on Facebook for the first time a few weeks ago.  She knows my parents because they have been there.  She knows my aunt because she lives there.  Other then that, our relationship with each other is new.  I have chatted with her a few times, and although her native tongue is not English, she does a pretty darn good job at speaking it.

I flew home yesterday and sat down with my dad and my aunt. I asked about my cousin, and specifically I asked about what her needs where.  I learned that she was one of my poorest cousins and that she didn’t have much.  I asked them how much 50 bucks would help her.  My aunt does the calculates the exchange rate and cost of college.  She tells me that the cost of the first year of school could probably be covered by 50 bucks.  50 bucks.

I asked her what a 100 bucks would get her.  She tells me that she would be set for the entire school year.  50 bucks – I never knew that 50 bucks could cover so much.  Just last night, I lent 25 bucks to a Kiva.org entrepreneur.  I have 25 bucks.  I have 50 bucks.  I have 100 bucks, and it’s going to set up my cousin in the homeland for at least this season anyway.

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