More Than Theory


In the past, I would have said that it’s easier to just teach theory. Go to class. Just teach the next chapter. Keep it theory, and I would have fulfilled the requirements of that course. Easy enough.

But teaching is so much more than theory. When you teach the theory, it will always connect with real life. I might just be teaching theory, but there are real life examples of the theory. The students will connect with it in a real and meaningful way. It’s awesome to see them struggle with it. It’s great to see them connect with it. I’m sure some of them don’t appreciate the struggle, but that’s teaching and learning – struggling to figure it out and make it make sense.

It’s hard to not want to jump in, but I can be okay with that. I just have to remember that it’s way more than theory.

3 thoughts on “More Than Theory

  1. “… it’s way more than theory” Totally!
    Theory can be too abstract to grasp by itself. For me, I need “real-life” examples to plug the theory into for me to really get it.

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