Post Literate Society

We are slowly moving toward it.  In fact, people have been talking about it for almost 50 years – so even before Twitter and Facebook, people were already thinking that we are headed that way.

I heard this week that the web will soon be images and videos.  More and more, we are being conditioned – to not think – to not read – to not create.

We will become more media-literate and technologically-literate.  We need to start thinking about how we are going to teach and inspire to a generation of non-readers.

2 thoughts on “Post Literate Society

  1. Still, nothing can change the experience reading. You can’t copy-paste a ‘paragraph’ in a video for reference (or at least, not yet? or I just hadn’t known how to do it yet? :P)

    1. You are definitely right. Reading is still important. We are reading but we arent getting lost in our reading.
      It’s possible to cut and paste video these days.

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