Cyber Bullying and Projected Identities

There has been quite a bit of media directed toward the recent cyber bullying incidences.  People have committed suicide because of it.  It’s definitely a problem.

I was watching a segment on the news – and their suggestion was to teach our children to not cyber bully.

An insight from Identity Formation would probably consider that a waste of time – or maybe a bit pedagogically ineffective.  The insight from Identity Formation would be much more effective is to help children realize that these are projected identities.  Cyber bullies can only attack a projected identity.  If a child can realized that it is simply a projected identity and not who they truly are, that would nullify anything any cyber bully can say.  We can teach our children to value who they are – not what a cyber bully says about them.  In the long run, building people up will have much longer lasting effects – Train up a child in the way they should go – not in the way they should not be.

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