The World You Create

Have you ever wondered how CS Lewis came up with the Lnad of Narnia or how Tolkien came up with Mordor?  How did they come up with these worlds?

I was talking to some students today about something similar.  You see, we all create worlds in our minds.  Okay, so our worlds don’t have walking trees or talking animals.  But we do create worlds in our minds.

It’s the world where there is only the two of you and everything is perfect.  Or a world where you are king or queen and you rule.  Or maybe the world where you are the hero and you show up just in the nick of time to save the day.

Those aren’t bad worlds.  It’s a world of pleasure and pain.  The world that you create tells you something about who you are.  It reveals identity.  What does your world look like?


2 thoughts on “The World You Create

  1. I made up a world with my little sisters. They are 7 and 10 years old. In the world we call ourselves “The Black Boot Sisters” and we live in a red castle in a different land after we got struck by lightning in this world. We are friends with all the animals around us in the forest and they talk to us, especially the badgers and squirrels. But there is a lion king in a nearby castle who is always causing trouble and uses his sneaky fox as his minion. So we, The Black Boots Sisters, always solve all mysteries, catch the bad guys, show them mercy to turn them good again, and usually ride on rainbows and talk to unicorns.

    So, this says about us that we like to be heroes, show mercy, and being a detective and solving mysteries is pretty much the coolest job in our minds.

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