If You Want to be More Sexy…

…..you shouldn’t be looking for it in a blog post, but since you’re here, Daniel G. Amen M.D. says that in order to be more sexy you need to have a healthier brain.  Donuts don’t make you more sexy.  He says that the main reason for why diets don’t work and people succumb to their cravings is because they don’t have a healthy brain.  He’s looked at 55k brain scans, and like many other brain researchers says that it is possible to reverse brain damage.

Sexy is in the brain.  Actually, exchange the word “sexy” in this post for anything that you might need in you life – healthy, productive, or positive – and the principles apply.

One last thing about his talk that really caught my attention.  What is your top motivation for becoming more “x”?  Then put that in front of you constantly.  Dr. Amen’s motivation was his grandchild.  Whatever your top motivation is, write it down.  Put it in front of you.  Reverse brain damage, and become more sexy or healthy 0r productive.

I’m buying his book today – Change Your Brain.  Change Your Body.



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