You Are What You Love

According to Erik Erikson anyway.  Erikson, Erik.  Identity: Youth and crisis. 1968 p. 138 if you want to look it up.

So the saying “You are what you eat” would be correct if you love eating.  The better way to put it is the Eriksonian way – You are what you love.  What ever it is you love is who you are.  If you love you wife – she is your everything.  If you love yourself – you IS your everything.

Whatever you love defines you.

4 thoughts on “You Are What You Love

  1. I love saying this… “Surround yourself with things that you love.” I started saying and doing this when I finally had my own place to decorate. It makes coming home a “love affair”. So in a sense, I am what I love with those things and people that make me warm and fuzzy inside. =)

  2. I love surrounding myself with beauty. Does that make me beautiful? In a more deeper way, deeper than my external shell and skin, I believe so. =)

    1. I love it. This is the kind of impact that we can have on those that come around and surround themselves around the things that we love. It also ends up changing them. Thanks for the comments a. Lan.

  3. You’re welcome, Lem. Changes are good. Keep your ideas coming. Sometimes your posts acts as a nice retreat for my brain. I read them to get away from the “chaos” that sometimes overwhelms me…

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