High Fat Diets Lead to Slower Cognition

I read that in an article.  I think they were serious when they wrote it.  Here’s the deal – what do you think about it?  Do you have a high fat diet?

The article said that trans fat affects the hippocampus – the area of the brain where learning and memory originate.  So if you want to be dumb and not remember anything eat fatty foods.  That’s probably not the best marketing logo.  Pretty soon, you won’t be able to drink or eat anything.

How does this relate to identity?  Fat diets = Not Smart – that would be your identity. 


4 thoughts on “High Fat Diets Lead to Slower Cognition

  1. I totally believe this. I know it sounds crazy, but my mental clarity is so affected by the foods I eat. I am a much calmer and clear person when I’ve not been eating lot of heavy or sugary foods.

    1. i’ve not noticed this except for with SOBE green tea. i think when you’re eating right – that you’re thinking right. it’s all connected somehow. i don’t think it sounds crazy. i’ve read some of those reports – but report or not, you’re the proof. thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I went to a naturopath (since my health insurance covers it) mostly out of curiosity and she recommended that I cut out all sugars (even fruit!), dairy and wheat from my diet with the goal of increasing my focus, memory & energy levels (among other things, too). She didn’t say anything about fat, but with the very limited foods allowed on this suggested diet, there is very little fat. If I can ever get the discipline needed to stick to this diet, I’d be curious to see if it is the “cure-all” she makes it out to be.

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