Lyrics and Identity

Until this stuff happens to you, it’s kinda hard to grasp, but I recently heard an acoustic version of a song that I listened to hundreds of times in one sitting.  Listening to the song 20 years later, the lyrics mean something completely different at this point of my life, but I still connect with it.

I realize that music was my escape – like it is for many teenagers.  It gave me a sense of identity and self – and the reason I connected with it is because it was probably born out of some identity crisis.  With lyrics like “making mistakes is a part of life’s imperfections,” and “I couldn’t live with out you,” you are able to experience and relate to the pain.

The take away is that we are all looking for something give us a sense of identity, self, and meaning.  In the murky waters of who am I, we’ll take whatever helps us see it more clearly.

Does this make sense?  Maybe I’ll sing a song about it.  

2 thoughts on “Lyrics and Identity

  1. Lem I think this is some sort of escape from the what the reality is giving sometimes relating our self so much with the music + lyrics eventually will help soothe the pressures. One more thing, don’t you just hate it when your favorite song is about to play on the radio when your getting out of the car…it just sucked bigtime! 😀

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