I’m a little fascinated by the idea that you can rewire your brain.  Think about those things that you want to change in your life – urges, habits, or reactions.  You are able to rewire the neural connections in your brain to rewire the urges, habits, and reactions.  I don’t know how exactly that happens, but you are able to do it.  I want to learn how.  I’ll share what I learn here.  But for now, know that it is possible.

You can start by being attentive to the cues to the urges, habits, or reactions.  Whatever the negative behavior is that you want to change, it is triggered by something.  You can start this thing by recognizing the places, people, and parties that bring about these behaviors.

Me – I need to not carry around my Starbucks gold card.  It’s all about the rewards right – and that makes me drink more coffee.  What are your triggers? 

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