The Nature of Questions

Disclaimer: I try to keep my posts to about 100 words.  It doesn’t always happen.  If I can articulate one idea in a post, I’m good, but this post like many others will probably lead to more questions and reactions.

I was thinking about the Nature of Questions.  I am interested in fact that Questions always lead to change.  If you don’t like change, don’t ask questions.  You might not like where it takes you.

Questions lead you to one of two options.  I can move you to action or it can arrest you in inaction.  Have you experience that?  Have you ever asked a question that just keeps you stuck in the question?  Or have you ever asked a question that is the impetus for a change in your life?

Questions are amazing.  Questions can make you sick to your stomach or inspire your greatness.  If you don’t want either, don’t ask any.

2 thoughts on “The Nature of Questions

  1. Most people dont have the attention span for more than 100 words. Shorts posts are harder to write, but if u can get a few ideas in, it’s doable. Many times I go over, but theyre all still short.

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