The NFL and Identity

An NFL game – even on tv is rich with identity spillage.  People go crazy for their teams.  You know this.  They wear their favorite player’s jersey.  They scream and hoot and holler.

They do so because they have identified themselves as part of the team.  They are the ones out there yelling and screaming.

You can watch the game on tv, but have you ever watched it on Twitter.  When there are no rules to what you can say and no one monitoring what you’re saying, it’s a whole other experience on Twitter.  It’s amazing how much people’s identities are tied into their team, but it’s even more amazing how much trash talking goes on behind the Twitter scenes.  What’s amazing to me though is not so much what people say about their team or the opposing team.  What amazes me most is what they say says alot about themselves.

You are what you say.   Check out the trash talking on Twitter.

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