The Adrenaline Rush of a Crush

I’m definitely not an expert in many things especially this, but I read about it.  When you see someone and your heart starts racing and you palms get sweaty – there are physics and chemistry associated with falling in love.  Your brain releases 
(the love molecule – what do I know?  Go Google it), and this overdose of this chemical makes your heart flutter.  Interestingly enough – you can find this chemical in chocolate.  There are other cues that might release this, but just know that you can.

One other chemical is Oxytocin or as one website calls it – the cuddling chemical.  When your girlfriend asks you for a hug, this is the chemical reaction that happens when you hug them.  Actually, a look or smell can release this, but a hug definitely helps.

The adrenaline rush happens when you’re falling in love.  After the crush subsides, another chemical gets released that’s quite calmer and steadier.  We’ll save that for another post.

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