Where You Come From

……can tell you so much about who you are.  I can’t believe how much I continue to learn about who I am and who my family is.  At dinner tonight, my dad shared some of the hardships that my family had to experience, but also of the resilience that shown through the hardships.  I loved hearing the stories.  It explains so much.  It also shows me how blessed I am.  I can’t even believe how some of my relatives live.  How well do you know your story?  How much of your past and where you come from do you know?  It shapes who you are.  I need to process through these stories and I’ll write it up soon.

3 thoughts on “Where You Come From

  1. I’m realizing that my blogs will be my children’s stories to read when they need to search out their past and identities. This is very encouraging. Thanks, Lem.

  2. I don’t know all that much about “where I come from” (other then my own disjointed and limited memories) but I’m ok with that. I’ve always “lived in the future” and forget more of my own past then I think is normal. I used to try to change that about myself, but I’ve since come to accept that it’s just part of what makes me me.

    1. Have you ever thought about where you came from? Do you have an opportunity to find out about where you’re from? Just curious. Id’ be interested to see what your timeline of your life would look like – what you do know.

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