Amputate a Part of Yourself

I read that line in an article this morning.  I can’t even describe to you what went on in my mental space, but I thought that it was interesting imagery.  It wasn’t an article about identity, but it very much was identity-laden.  If you want to know what the article was – email me.

Several things come to mind:

1. You can amputate a part of yourself – and still live.  Technically, the article wasn’t talking physical amputation, but psychological or really identity amputation.  You can have parts of you that are truly you, but it’s possible to get rid of it.

2. That we all have parts of us that need to be amputated.  I like the imagery because it has to do with getting rid of as opposed to managing.  Have you ever heard someone talk about some dark part of themselves that they want to manage better.  Why?  That sounds so awful doesn’t it?  Identity amputation as opposed to identity management.  (The opinions on this blog are solely my process and may not even represent me, and it definitely does not represent any organization that I might be associate with – mainly because they probably don’t even think about this kind of stuff so why would it represent them).

3. Getting rid of a part of yourself – physical or psychological involves pain, but it can also bring healing and health.

It’s possible to amputate a part of yourself – by yourself.  It’s much better to have help.

What do you think?

A picture of amputated stuff was a bit too much so you get the scalpel instead.

2 thoughts on “Amputate a Part of Yourself

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