Music as an Identity Badge

I have received a few requests/demands maybe to write posts on certain topics.  It’s a great exercise for me to think about writing something that didn’t originally spawn from my reading or thoughts.  One recent request had to do with some thoughts about identity and music and there’s actually alot that has been written about it, but here are some of mine.

Most musical styles or taste has a look and feel about it.  It is normal for adolescents to identify with a specific musical  genre or community.  They do so not just privately, but many times publicly with what they wear or how they look.  The music you listen to gives you a sense of connection and identity.  Even someone that says that music is not their thing will have a certain look and feel about them.

More important than the look and feel, your musical taste really reflects and shapes your behavior and values.  I realize that there is complex texture to values and behavior, but your musical taste impacts what you deem important.  Music is just that powerful.  It can move you in many ways.

So what’s the take away?  Whatever your musical style or taste – own it.  Be it.  Make it yours.

What does your music say about you?

2 thoughts on “Music as an Identity Badge

  1. Nice post! thank you for taking the time to write about it. In the future, if you have time, why dont you elaborate…
    For example, someone that listens to punk – it says what about them? Someone that listens to Jazz, what does that say? Why does the Genre of music you listen to influential on your appearance?

    Great job! =0)

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