The Wisdom of Seasons

I always enjoy talking to people about changes that they want to make in their life.  There is always some need and the urgency to fulfill it.  It’s pretty easy to see the huge change that someone needs to make, but it can be so overwhelming to even know where to start to make some of those changes.

We have lost the rhythm that a season brings.  We have seasons that the weather and calendar brings, but we no longer have to wait for things like we used to.  There’s always going to be fruits and vegetables all year long.  The things we eat used to come in seasons, and we used to have to wait to get things.  We have become impatient and spoiled by the availability of things all year long.

The season brings rhythm.  The season brings bounty.  The season brings a time limit.  The season brings life, growth, death, and renewal.  The season brings wisdom.

If you want to make some life change, do so in the span of the season.  It’s much more doable.


3 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Seasons

  1. Life changes…hmmm! The intro itself drew me in, because I feel like “change” defines this time in my life right now. Thanks for all of your help processing, you are a great friend! And a wise one for that matter.

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