Friends that I’ve Never Met

I have many friends – good ones.  I have some friends that I have really come to know and respect.  I have talked with then.  I have exchanged emails and messages with them.  I have joked with them, and I have tons of information about them.  I really share a friendship with them, and have a sense of community with them.

But then there are a few friends that I’ve never met.

We’ve always been able to do this – have friends we’ve never met.  You could have had a pen pal back in the day.

But these days, you almost need to have a category for friends that you’ve never met – because the opportunities to have them are everywhere.  The Internet has allowed us to have friends that we’ve never met and may not ever meet.  Deep connections can still be formed.

Thanks to all of my friends out there that I’ve never met.  I hope to meet you all one day.


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