Nouveau Swearing

Nouveau – adj.
New and different, often fashionably so.

There are many places where swearing is not accepted.  There are many people that think that swearing is wrong.  I also know of a few that have no problem with it.  Some even say that it’s good for you.

But we have moved toward what I’m going to call Nouveau Swearing.  You’ve seen it.  It’s swearing that doesn’t look like swearing so people do it.  It’s the little letters and acronyms, and since it’s not actually spelling it out that it’s okay.  We no longer use the symbols above the number keys any longer.  #$*&^%+.

Whether you use symbols or acronyms, you’re still swearing.  Let the swearing in the comments begin…..

2 thoughts on “Nouveau Swearing

  1. I once read somewhere that if you aren’t fully committed to using the swear word, you should find another word to use and not censor yourself by using $^&#$*. I like this idea, and have since found myself more aware of when to use swear words or not.

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