Your Inner Alva

I said this to a friend a few weeks ago.  I don’t even remember the situation, but I knew that she was a big fan of Tony Alva.  I don’t even remember exactly what she was going through, but I remember telling her to access her inner Alva.

You see we all have heroes and people that we look up to.  The thing about heros is that we can choose them, but at any moment in any situation, we can access our inner hero and rely on them for direction and even courage.  When you are experiencing anything difficult you just have to ask yourself, “Self – How would Alva deal with this situation?  Then do that.  (Of course, you have to access your hero.  Don’t steal Nancy’s.)

4 thoughts on “Your Inner Alva

  1. In a difficult situation, ask yourself: “What would Chuck Norris do?” – even though you’ll never be able to do the same.

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