Do you know what that means?  If you’re Hawaiian, doesn’t it mean flower?  That’s not the PUA though that I’m talking about it.  I always keep my eye out for identities that fascinate me.  But do a Google Search for PUA, and you will find that it stands for Pick Up Artist.

There is a whole industry built around becoming a pick up artist.  It’s pretty insane.  There is a dictionary and forums.  You can sign up for classes and courses to become a better pick up artist.  I want to write more about this identity.  I’m interested in the psychology of someone that want’s to be a PUA.  I gotta read more about it.

What do you think?  Are you a PUA?  Tell me about you. 

5 thoughts on “PUA

  1. Isnt it all about undesireable men raising their chances of having sex with attractive women? As a women with a superficial knowledge of PUAs- its kind of pervy.

    1. You would totally have a more authoritative perspective on this. I can’t believe how much money people would pay to get a coach or take a class. So would you say that all PUA’s are undesirable? I actually listened to a podcast by one of the coaches and they were talking about this Gentlemen PUA vibe – not the undesirable kind.
      Thanks for the comment. I definitely want to understand it. It’s an interesting identity to me.

      1. I am an aspiring PUA, I consider myself somewhat attractive… but when it comes to women, physical attraction doesn’t mean the same thing that it means for most guys. I used to get so tongue tied around women and never knew what to say… As I have been getting further and further into learning about the “Pickup Artist” ways, I have noticed that other parts of my life have been enriched by the experience as well. My job interviews are better, my communication with strangers has improved, and I no longer feel anxiety when in social situations where I know few people in the room.

      2. Through practice, first you learn about what really triggers attraction in females, then you develop a system for hitting those triggers one after another during your interaction with her. Almost everything can be deconstructed down to an exact science and exploited the same way. First I use “openers” such as “Hey guys, I need a female opinion on something… What’s the difference between hot and cute?”, and then after that I continue the interaction keeping in mind all the points that I’ve learned.
        Now, there are many systems to follow when learning Pickup, but the one I like the best is known as The Mystery Method. It’s the same method taught to the guys from that TV show that aired a few years ago called VH1’s The Pickup Artist.

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