The Price of Steak

I was in Trader Joes a few days ago.  I bought steak, lentils, mushrooms, and a few other things.  The guy at the register rang up my lentils twice.  He caught himself and took the extra charge off.  We talked about the steak that I had picked out and he said that it was delicious.  I had cooked one last week so I knew how good it was.  We kept talking about the steak as I paid.

I walked out and checked the receipt to make sure that he took the extra lentil charge off.  He had, but I was wondering why my total was so low.  As I scanned the receipt, I noticed that he didn’t charge me for the steak that we were just talking about.  I immediately returned to the same guy and told him that he hadn’t charged me for the steak.  He was very thankful that I had come back to pay for the steak.  I had picked out a great big piece.  It would have been a loss for them.

I paid for my steak, and as I was leaving I told him that now I can enjoy my steak because I had paid for it.

Some would have considered it a blessing to have walked out of Trader Joes without having paid for the steak.  I hope that all of us would have returned to pay for what we took out of the store.

The price of steak is so much more than the amount of money that you give Trader Joes.  I am not sure I would have enjoyed unpaid for steak.  That price is too much to pay.  I can’t afford the price for eating unpaid for steak. 

One thought on “The Price of Steak

  1. I agree that all of us should. However, what if you hadn’t noticed that you paid less than you should have? Can you be held accountable for something that you honestly didn’t know? I would think that you would enjoy the steak just as much if you honestly THOUGHT you had fully paid for it, even if you didn’t ACTUALLY fully pay for it as you would if you ACTUALLY paid the whole thing, realizing the mistake. Not saying you shouldn’t pay, but just a thought. Ignorance sometimes is bliss (although I’m not sure if it’s always the best).

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