We All Need a Thrill

I had the joy of meeting up with some friends in Vegas. It was great hanging out with friends.

But as we walked around – we were a little baffled as to why people would sit in front of slot machines – like drones just pressing buttons. It was pretty amazing to just watch the expressions on their face as they sit there pressing buttons – over and over.

We all need a thrill.  Some of us run around and surf or go mountain biking.  Some of us sit at the slot machines for our thrills – nothing against those that sit at slot machines.  We just find our thrills in different ways.

2 thoughts on “We All Need a Thrill

  1. People do need thrills don’t they? Everyone looks forward to something at least. I don’t think slot machines are the best place for anyone to find thrills though. That’s so sad.

    1. Paul, I was surprised too, but if you spend anytime watching someone one a slot machine for hours – you’ll see it. The thrill comes with lights and sounds and the clinkity clank of winning. It was just something that I had observed so I wrote about it.

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