A Wedding in the Family

I officiated a wedding yesterday.  Is that what you call it when you are the Officiant at the wedding?  I don’t know how many I’ve done but this one was fun.

First of all – it was family.

Second of all – it was family.

There was so much family there.  It was insane trying to keep straight who was who, and who was connected to who.  There’s something that happens when families come together though, all that stuff that happens in a family system – shows up at a big ol’ party and celebration.  During one of the family pictures, one of the cousins said – this family is so dysfunctional that we can’t even take a family picture without someone yelling at someone.

Well cousin, that’s our family.  That’s many families.  It’s quite alright, and it’s probably not going to change any time soon.

There was one moment at the end.  I had just introduced the newly married couple to all the friends and family, and the most remarkable thing happened.  As soon as the bride and groom marched out, there was a moment of joy and peace.  Ex’s were in a joyous embrace.  Dad’s and step-dad put it all aside to enjoy this one moment where their boy just walked away with his wife.  In the midst of the dysfunction and the inebriated conversation, there was a moment – a moment of peace and joy and love and there wasn’t any dysfunction in the family.  We were together.  We were family.  It’s moments like that just make all the other moments bearable – for me anyway.

I married into this family.  It is my family.  It is a part of my identity.  I love my family.  I love who they are.  I wouldn’t change any of it.  It makes me laugh and smile most of the time-especially since much of it isn’t directed toward me.  It is a dysfunctional family.  It is my family and I love them.

So here’s to you family.  Cheers!  Thank you for giving me identity.

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