Attend Your Funeral

I was listening to a talk this am, and the speaker was an artist who had asked the questions – What would it be like to attend your funeral?

Of course, we will all attend our funerals – at least our body will (we can have the conversation later about whether we really attend or not), but the main idea of this post has to do with the idea of attending your funeral while you were alive.

I think it’d reveal so much about your identity.  It won’t really be a funeral for you – because you would be there, but it would be a glimpse into the kind of life that you’ve lived so far.  Would people celebrate?  Would they miss you?  Would anyone come?

I think an experience like that – even if just imagined – could reveal so much about who you are.

You need help with your identity – ask yourself, “What would it be like to Attend Your Funeral.

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