Beef Tongue and Chicken Liver

What does this have to do with identity?  I’m not sure, but I am going to a restaurant tonight that serves this.  Maybe I’ve been watching a few too many documentaries on food – especially the stuff that most people throw away.

I was born in the philippines.  Filipinos eat some crazy, nasty stuff.  I know all you filipinos will respond and say that it’s not gross – because you eat the stuff, but my point is that my identity can be found in some pretty crazy, nasty food.  I grew up eating liver and tripe.  The sauces can be made from many crazy things like little shrimps or fish guts.  Really!  

What you eat really says alot about who you are, but it also tells me alot about who you are.  You might be grossed out by the fact that people eat this stuff.  It might be nasty to you, but it’s also throw away pieces that people are wasting.  Also, not many people eat it, but that might be because many people can’t afford it – financially or gastronomically.  Either way, our perspectives tell us about us.  If you ever want to go, let’s go.

One thought on “Beef Tongue and Chicken Liver

  1. Growing up on a farm in Indiana provided me the opportunity to eat nearly all parts of animals. We raised cattle, pigs, and chickens. We ate them and everything we could trap, shoot or run over. I must say I did not take a liking to tongue, heart, livers, or gizzards. But one of the favorites of my siblings and me, was the developing eggs (pre shell) still inside the chicken. Almost totally yokes. Good to my palate! Makes me wonder why we have grown so accustomed to only eating animal muscle?

    If we like muscle, why are we grossed out thinking about eating other parts? Have we just banned our thought process from recognizing we are eating animal or fish parts? Only certain parts are not too gross to think about and eat?

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